Frequently Asked Questions


Rent Arrears:

H & U remind their tenants three times a week if their rent has fallen behind by text, phone call and email.

These reminders commence once a tenant falls 3 days behind

Once a tenant is 7 days behind in rent they are issued a Remedy breach to fix the arrears.

If the arrears are not fixed up by this stage the tenant will receive a Notice to Leave, this will be discussed with the owner on what happens next

Property Inspections:

H & U take the ingoing and outgoing inspection very seriously. In going reports are typed outlining all aspect of the property, with pictures showing the true state of the property prior to handover to the tenant.

This reduces the risk of the owner being out of pocket in fixing the property once the tenant vacant

Routine Inspections:

Routine inspections are carried out throughout the year to insure the tenant is maintain the property to a high standard. These are written reports with photos to give the owner peace of mind that their investment is being well cared for.

Owner are advised of upcoming inspection and are welcome to attend them

Receiving Rental Income:

H & U conduct a bank run each day of the week. So, you do not have to wait a month or two weeks for rental funds, in most cased you will receive rental funds 24 hour after tenant has paid H & U

How Much will I receive:

You will receive the rental amount the tenant has paid less H & U commission and any invoice we might have paid on your behalf (Water Rates, Council rates or Landlord Insurance renewal)

How Do I Keep Informed of My Property?

You will receive monthly statements showing income and outgoing plus copy of any invoices paid

Our state of the Art software is Cloud base, which you will be given access to see were your tenant is paid to download misplaces statements or invoice and Routine Inspections. Or you can simply email or call us for any of this information.