Landlord Insurance


There are many insurance as a landlord you should have:

These being

  • Building Insurance
  • Content insurance
  • Landlord Insurance

In Most cases your Lender will require the property to have building insurance prior to settlement.

Content insurance can be attached to the building insurance although good landlord insurance will cover you for content insurance.

Landlord insurance

Before taking out landlord insurance cover we recommend you find out what the policy cover. As there are some very weak policy around. A good policy should cover these items

  • Property non-tenantable
  • Tenants absconding
  • Default of rent
  • No Vacant possession
  • Death of Sole Tenant
  • Legal expenses
  • Malicious Damage
  • Accidental loss or Damage to contents
  • Malicious Damage caused by tenant
  • Theft of contents
  • Legal liability cover.

You also need to check how much an insurance company will insure you for each of these items