Why H & U Property Group


  1. Peace of Mind that your investment is being well looked after.
  2. H & U specialises in residential Property Mangement only.
  3. Family owned and managed business.
  4. Through our unique management programme we have lower vacancy periods and higher rental returns than the average statistics.
  5. We never leave a client waiting hours or days to have a phone call or email answered.
  6. Information on your property or tenant can be received 24 hrs, 7 days a week through our online portal.
  7. Have multiple properties in Queensland in different areas? No problem we manage properties from the Gold Coast to Bundaberg and out to Ipswich and Toowoomba.
  8. Advice? We are always happy to give advice on your investment or future investment properties
  9. We keep you in the loop, on all aspects of your rental property.
  10. First time property investors are walked through each step, all the way, from final inspections of the building process, the hand over from the builder and insurances to your first tenant.